Sushi Grade Fish

Sushi Grade Fish

What is sushi grade fish? What is sashimi grade fish?

Sushi grade fish and sashimi grade fish are two common interchangeable terms used to identify fish that is considered safe to be eaten raw. However, there is no official standard for the term and it is thought to be used primarily for marketing purposes, paired with more expensive cuts of fish.

Is sushi grade fish safe to eat?

The short answer is yes, buy one must be aware of the potential dangers of consuming anything in its raw form. The dangers of sushi grade fish should be broken down into 2 categories bacterial and parasitical. Bacteria may form in the fish if it is mishandled from the time it is taken out of the water to the time it is served. A strict temperature of below 41 degrees Fahrenheit must be maintained at all times. Handling must be kept sterilized and free from any potential cross contamination. The second potential danger is parasitical, which are parasites or worms that may be already living in the fish before it is caught. For that reason fresh water fish are not recommended to be eaten raw. Ocean fish or saltwater fish are much more suitable to be eaten raw. Freezing will kill almost all parasites known in existence, but will not kill potential bacterial, only cooking the fish will kill both any parasites and all bacteria that might be present. That is why it is crucial that you are buying sushi grade fish from a reputable place that carefully handles all their fish.

Where to buy sushi grade fish?

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